Boiler Systems

What are they?

Cross Link Conversion systems integrate into a multi-fuel (pellet/corn/coal) burning stove transferring hot water heat to air handlers, forced air furnaces, home boiler systems, in floor heat systems, and other hot water systems. Standard hot air distribution from a multi-fuel burning stove is not reduced when a system is installed.

How do they work?

Most people have cooked a hot dog on a campfire. When you place the hot dog above the flame you take advantage of the heat that is present. The amount of heat that is produced by the campfire is barely affected. Using the same concept, the system’s hot water heat exchanger is directly in the flame taking advantage of the heat that is present. There is minimal to no change in temperature of the hot air that is dispersed into the room where the stove is present. The hot water is then circulated through a loop system delivering heat to the attached appliance. The loop system is managed and regulated with a combination of pumps, thermostats and safety boiler pressure relief valves.

Multi-Fuel stove compatibility

Our systems are currently compatible with various models of the following multi-fuel stove brands:


Our website is very new and we hope to accept orders online in the near future. For now if you would like to order a system please contact us via our contact page to get the ordering process started.


Cross Link Conversion systems are shipped with installation instructions that are easy to follow. It is recommended that you hire a professional HVAC company to install these systems.

The Referral Program

If you purchase a Cross Link Conversion system from us, not only are you going to spend less on your heating bill, you are eligible to earn money through our referral program. For every referral you send us that purchases a boiler system, we will pay you $200. The amount of referrals at this point are unlimited. Wait! $200 that’s a lot of money! Why do we have a program like this? If you are happy with your system, we want you to help us spread the benefits of the Cross Link Conversion system to as many people as we can. Simply provide the serial number of your system to the interested acquaintance. When that person makes the purchase they need to provide us with your serial number. We will then mail you a check for $200.

More details and System Pricing

If you want more details about how the system works, system components, and pricing, please click the link below. If your question is still unanswered, browse or post to our Forum.

Other Products

Details and information about other products are coming soon. Please check back every now and then for updates. We will post to our Forum with updates about our products and website as they happen.

Systems are manufactured in the USA.