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Other Products

Cross Link Conversions has other products available that will help you more effectively get heat out of your multi-fuel stove. These products will make your current multi-fuel stove more effective however they don't even hold a candle to one of our Boiler Systems! Find out more below.


Hot Air Plenum Kits

Hot air plenum kits are developed to capture the heat from your multi-fuel stove and provide a duct that transfers that air to a forced air furnace system.This kit is compatible with Harman p38,p41, p45, p61 & p68


The Harman Hot Air Plenum kit can be used to add a humidifier air system to the cold air return


Countryside Magnum Hot Air Plenum Kit

This particular product is not painted. It can be ordered painted black or unpainted.


Here is an image of the Countryside Magnum Hot Air Plenum Kit installed

Conversion System Hole Covers






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