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All kits are priced the same $1750.00 plus shipping

When a boiler system is purchased for your supported multi-fuel stove you will receive two components. The components will include the internal heat exchanger and the external heat transfer tubing. This page explains a detailed breakdown of each component.You will also find details about how the system actually functions.

Internal Components

Internal Heat Exchangers

The internal components include the heat exchanger that mounts on the external surface area penetrating the stove to capture heat from the flame. The heat exchangers are custom to the type of stove that they are installed in. To check the compatibility you can visit our Boiler Systems page. The image to the right displays the different custom styles that we provide.


How it works

When the stove is burning, the flame will penetrate the internal stainless steel coils and heat both the lower coils and the upper heavier channeled mixing plate ( mixing plate is not stainless steel). A thermostat (mounted externally), much like an automobile thermostat, controls the amount of water that can be passed into the stove. The pressure from the pump circulates the water through both exchangers to create the ideal water temperature. Once the water leaves the internal components it flows to the external tubing components that are described in the "External Components" section below.


External components

The External components are also custom to the type of stove that the system will be installed in. These components are used to control the amount of water that enters the internal components and carry the heated water from the internal components to your heating system(s). All systems are customizable to fit any hot water heating system with the help of a HVAC professional.


Stainless components:

The photo on the right displays one of the external component styles that is included.

How it works

The external components provide the conduit that connects the Cross Link Conversion system with your heating system. A circulator pump (not included) circulates the water through the heat regulating thermostat (mentioned above) into the internal components. The thermostat will open and close to

satisfy demand. It will always maintain a tuned amount of water flowing into the internal components to ensure the system does not run dry. Once the water circulates through the internal components it exits via the external components and is carried to your heating system. The system is developed to operate as an absolute closed loop. The external components also include a combination of two gauges that allow you to monitor the temperature and pressure within in the system. Our systems have been tested and designed to move water safely, effectively and efficiently. If for some reason a blockage or unsafe pressure build up would occur, there are two pressure relief valves that would allow the pressure to be disbursed in the safest manor possible.


Other Information

Cross Link Conversion's systems are shipped with complete installation instructions. You may see them also on the Forum under the posting ( Installing Information and helpful Links). It is very important that these systems are installed by professionals. A great resource that describes detailed boiler system furnace installations can be found on Central Boiler's website by clicking here. If you have any questions we strongly encourage you to check out our Forum. If you don't see the answer you're looking for please feel free to post it on our Forum or contact us.






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