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New in computerized

Postby admin » October 21st, 2013, 12:38 pm

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]I do not have this system ....yet
I have a system 2000 oil boiler that now sits idle, I use a heat pump and a 40 gallon electric tank for hot water. My pellet stove is an Englander 25 PDV it does a great job overall but the distant rooms are not at desired temps. I would like to install one of these heat exchangers into my stove.
I have a couple questions though.......
1 does the flame impinging on the heat exchanger make the flame sooty meaning the stove must be cleaned more often?
2 currently we run the stove on 1-2 24 hours a day and burn about 2-3 tons a year. Will that usage go up?
I guess I would like to know if anyone has installed Tommy's kit into an Englander stove?
( sorry i am not computer literate too much..............and I don't know where this post will go and who will see it)
I can plumb it, heat it ,wire it, Sheetrock it, roof it, .........but don't ask me to computer it :-)
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
thank you

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Re: New in computerized

Postby tommy » March 4th, 2014, 12:36 pm

Here is a email I recieved on your kind of boiler with a kit.

Hi Tommy,

I've been running for a month now with the crosslink conversion and its doing an excellent job.

My house is 1200 sq ft modified ranch, with a System 2000 boiler, which makes the domestic hot water and 3 zones of baseboard heat. The Pellet stove is a Harmon P38+.

The System 2000 boiler, has a more efficient controller and low water volume, 1.5 gallons.

The boiler does two things to save oil;

-It does not keep the water at temperature. It starts the burner for 1 minute before opening a zone valve (circulator is running).

-It has a heat purge at the end of the heat cycle, so the boiler is not left hot. It is a 5 minute purge for the hot water and 20 minute for a heating zone.

Having the Crosslink connect to the boiler has not interfered with the System 2000 normal operation. If the pellet stove falls behind, the System 2000 burner kicks in at 120 degrees and runs for about 2 minutes to get back to set point. This sometimes occurs when two heated zones call for heat at once. The volume of cold water returning to the boiler causes the boiler to fall below 120 degrees. This is because of the low water volume (in the boiler) and low mass (stainless steel, not cast iron) of the System 2000.

Prior to the CrossLink Conversion my pellet stove was used to only heated one area of the basement to 55 degrees. My pellet stove was using around a bag of pellets every 30 hours. Now heating the house and making hot water I'm using two bags a day. I was using 500 gallons of oil for a whole year (hot water & heat), I'm hoping to see that drop to 100 gallons a year. My pellet usage is going to jump from 1.5 ton to 2.5, maybe 3 ton which means I may not save that much money, but I have lowered my carbon foot print.

Best Regards,

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