getting smoke after install

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getting smoke after install

Postby pampersman » March 18th, 2015, 3:06 pm

Looking for help. I purchased a Harman P61 maual ignite back in November. The stove worked perfectly until I installed the Crosslink kit. The stove is in my concrete floor, stone foundation basement. I was using it prior to the Crosslink just by rising heat upstairs through the basement door.....I must say even just like that it was heating great. Anyway, while running the stove, I was using stove temp mode. I had the stove set at 5 for temp dial and 4 for feed rate, this kept the house around 72 degrees using about 2 bags of pellets a day with outside temps in the teen. The oil boiler would kick on about once an hour for about 5 minute. Ever since the install, I cannot run my stove any which way like I did prior, could it be because of the kit taking up all that room limiting the oxygen inside the stove? I get smoke if I try to raise the feed rate above 1 3/4 on either setting. I tried running in room mode, it feeds and feeds and creates smoke. So, in room mode, I can run at 7 and the water temp will coming into the stove will get no higher than 160 and it takes awhile. In stove mode, I have to run at 5 1/2 and 1 1/2 on the feed, any higher feed rate and it gets smokey, but at that rate I can get to 180, it just takes awhile. Totally different than before. I am looking for some responses, this kit was close to $2000 plus the extras and install labor. If anyone has some input, please don't hesitate. If there is something more you would like to know about my system, please feel free, I will be checking back regularly as I am totally dis-satisfied with it. I believe the kit works well, but something is holding me back. Thanks for taking the time, greatly appreciated.
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Re: getting smoke after install

Postby Barry K » March 26th, 2015, 4:56 pm

I also have a Harman P61 that I have installed the crosslink kit in. I am going from the kit to a coil in my forced air geo-thermal furnace. The pellet stove/kit can make up 25 degrees of loss from the sidearm exchanger on my water heater and the 150k coil in the furnace. I have a aquastat that turns the blower in the furnace on at 145 degrees and off at 140 degrees. I did a bunch of trying different settings to find the "sweet spot" where the system works best.
I tried going to higher water tamps and it didn't work well trying to keep up and or burn cleanly. I also ended up adding a "flame deflector" to get more even heating on the coil inside the stove. I used a short piece of 1 1/2 angle iron on top of the pellet pot to make the flames center on the coil rather than heat mostly the rear of the coil. With my playing with the feed rates, stove temps and aquastat the coil got very dirty with cresote. I shut the stove down and cleaned the coil and the rest of the kit,stove and exhaust pipe. Even just a thin layer of the soot or creasote makes a huge difference. I made a coil cleaning tool for my cordless drill using some 3/8" steel tube and a wire wheel for a drill. I welded the wheel to the 14" tube to be able to reach all the tubes in the kit.
I got the best results with the stove/ kit by running on stove temp, feed rate just under 4,temp on 5 1'/2 or less, circulating pump on low and aquastat at 145 degrees with 5 degree differential. My furnace blower is set as low of speed as it goes. I'm running a 18"x 18" 150 btu coil in the furnace.
160 may be too high of temp for your system. Your stove and kit may need cleaning. Do you remove the cover on the underside of the burn pot and clean the ash/deposits from it? Mine plugged up in there and the result was it couldn't get enough air and would smoke excessively and not burn clean. Check to be sure all the air holes in the bottom of the burn pot are open and not plugged. I poke a wire through them all every cleaning.
When mine is running correctly there is only a light layer of very light gray ash that gets on the coils. It took quite a bit of tinkering and tweaking to find the best setting to work with each other. You may need to lower the water temp of your oil boiler. 160 is kind of a max for hot water systems.
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Re: getting smoke after install

Postby Barry K » March 27th, 2015, 9:34 pm

Here is a couple pics of the tool I made to clean the tubes in the kit. I'm going to make another one with a wire cup style brush to clean the side and rear walls of the stove and maybe get more off the tubes.
IMG_8030_1.JPG (533.54 KiB) Viewed 1893 times

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This is the "flame deflector" that I use in my P61. It is a 9" long piece of 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 1/4 thick piece of angle iron. A 7" long piece would be long enough. The angle irin is laid on top of the fire pot with the V pointed up. I had to adjust it forward and back to get the flame to come more to the center of the coil/kit. I did the adjusting while the stove was running. It took a couple long screwdrivers to move it evenly.
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