Distance from stove to furnace

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Distance from stove to furnace

Postby fishnfool777 » August 18th, 2014, 8:20 am

I have a Harman 52i in my living room that you said was not eligable for a conversion kit. I'm looking to get another stove (free standing) to put in my den. How far away can you pipe the hot water to the furnance before you lose your heat? I have a 2700 sq ft rancher and not sure if this would work in my house. The problem with my 52i is I can't get the heat to rest of my house so I use my hot water gas furnace to heat the rest of the house and it's costing me a ton in LP. I have attached a copy of home's floor plan. The furnace is located in the laundry room and the new stove would be in the far right hand coner of the the den, because that's where the chimney is located. Also I live on a concreate slab so the piping would have to be run in the attic. Let me know your thoughts.
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Floor Plan
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Re: Distance from stove to furnace

Postby admin » September 1st, 2014, 1:09 pm

As you know the farther you move water the more heat you will lose. I get this ? alot.As in the one video ( from a costumer ) on the CrosslinksConversions.com home page you can see his loop is around 110 feet( 55 feet one way ) using 3/4 copper.( using smaller piping for the stove to furnace loop like 5/8's pex will probably NOT work very well ) His pc 45 Harman is on one end of his basement and his forced air furnace is at the other.In homes using infloor heat and baseboard the distances can be further do to these systems can do a nice job helping to heat the homes ETC,on a lower continouus water flow say 24 hr aday .Where as for forced air plentum heaters are rated at 170 degrees for there btu ratings.( they will still put out alot of hot air at lower water temp the furnace may just have to run alittle longer to bring the room up ,Just like your car heater does )
Every home is alittle different .This is where we need more people to share there info on it.So others can see how and what stoves and there kits are being installed into the many different homes etc. and there systems and post there testinony's on what the kits are doing for them and so on. As I have learned if you want the out come of what others have, then do and use what they are .And your out come should be close to theres.
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