Soot buildup

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Soot buildup

Postby niteshft » April 5th, 2014, 11:24 am

I saw a post somewhere here with a question asking if the kit caused more soot. I hadn't been able to reply because I hadn't had much use of the pellet stove without the kit so I didn't have anything to compare. I just thought that anything added to the firebox would collect soot and ash. I've been using Fireside pellets from Canada which I purchased from Home Depot. The extra cold this year required me to pick up another 1/2 ton but HD was out of pellets and said when they come in they dissapear in less than 2 hrs. I found another source but it was a different brand. The make-up of the pellets was different, (probably more softwood), and created a severe soot issue. Not only was it extremely dirty to clean but the firepot collected the soot and ash around the walls of the pot much faster and caused it to insulate the pellets from the coil that fires up the stove on start-up, causing the stove to miss-fire and tripping the reset. As you can imagine, I didn't like having to clean out the stove more often.

I couldn't find the post so if you are having issues with soot, I would suggest trying another brand.
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