Btu's of a kit

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Btu's of a kit

Postby tommy » February 22nd, 2014, 11:00 pm

I do not make kits for any insert style pellet stoves, due to the angle of the back of the fire box .If you have an insert style stove that does not have a angled back wall please email me with the model and brand name I will check it out.

With all the different fuels and fire pot sizes it is hard to nail down the BTU's that any kit can make in these low btu style stoves.

AS I BELIEVE IN LETTING MY KITS SPEAK FOR THEM SELF'S Is one more reason I have this forum .( Where people can post the testimonies )
This way people can see how others are heating there homes etc.and with what stove and kit they are using to do so.As the kits are custom made for the brand and model of stove that they go into.I do not make a generic kit for just any stove.I make the kits to heat water to what is called Delta-t ( The difference of the water temperature from the input to the out put) not to a BTU rating as a boiler etc. .(Because my kits are not boilers they are heat exchangers to help heat you main systems.) Around a 20 degrees range on on all kits at 2.5 gallons of water per minute .

There are some kits that will do up to 30 degrees per min Delta-t Depending on the stove and fuel being used. There are over 100 models of pellet style stoves out there .And with every year there are what I call copy cat stoves same stoves with different names or models numbers sold from different stores etc.So it is hard for me to keep track of them all

.As of now I have kits for around 27 different models of stoves.You can open the posting ( Is there a kit for my stove ),to see what stoves I have kits for or can make them for .This is where I post the new models as I add them to the list.All so you may email me at
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