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My wife, seven kids, & myself all live in our 3500 SQ. FT. home. I just invested in a kit & now am able to save $300-$400 a month by burning wood pellets instead of propane. I installed it in a 40,000BTU pellet stove that heats hot water & my entire house with a heat exchanger in my existing furnace. I love it & can't wait to purchase one for my shop. - Mario


How the system was born

At one time my heating bills were more than my family could afford, I couldn't even keep my basement warm. So I decided to fight back by pursuing other means to provide a more cost effective and earth friendly heating solution. I decided to install a multi-fuel burning stove in my basement, the difference was amazing. The basement went from a cold dungeon to a cozy place for the family to gather and spend some quality time together. I realized my basement was good and warm although the heat couldn't get to the top two levels of our 2,800 SQ. FT. old farm house that was built in the 1900's. At this point the battle was not over yet, it merely just begun.

A multi-fuel stove burns a constant flame very efficiently. With the constant heat source available, I asked myself, "why not heat water with that flame?" Thats easy, sure I can heat water with a flame. The real challenge was developing a solution that would capture this heat source, distribute it throughout my entire house and lastly, cut down on the cost of filling my 500 gallon propane tank six times a year.


I went to work on this project in my basement just about every night while my family slept. My friends and neighbors said heating a big old farm house could not be done with only a small amount of BTU's. Finally I had success. I engineered a loop system that would cycle a regulated amount of hot water through my conventional boiler system. With a little fine tuning I was able to turn the propane valve off to my boiler. Its funny now, most of my friends and neighbors are running Cross Link Conversion systems in their houses! The battle progressed, I was able to partition a second loop from my system and use it to heat my hot water. With a few more tweaks to the system I shut off the electric to my hot water heater (for the cold season).

After two years of fine tuning the conversion system it is now extremely robust and compatible with air handlers, forced air furnaces, home boiler systems, in floor heat systems, and other hot water systems. Now you can purchase a system and start putting money back in your pocket. To get more information about the systems please visit the Boiler Systems page.






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