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Tommy Breuer



Cross Link Conversions products decrease traditional energy costs by extending Alternative Energy from a single multi-fuel (pellet/corn/coal) powered stoves to Heat other areas of the home.



Our Company

Thanks for stopping by! My name is Tom Breuer and I'm your average blue collar mid-western man. At one time my heating bills were more than my family could afford and I couldn't even keep my basement warm. I decided to fight back by pursuing alternate means to provide a more cost effective and earth friendly heating solution. The result, Cross Link Conversions was born. Now others can fight back and put money back in their wallet with a Cross Link Conversion kit!

Please take some time to browse the website and check out our products. If you can't find an answer to a question, please check out the Forum page. We encourage anyone that is interested to sign up for the forum and tell us your story. You can also use the Contact page to send us a direct e-mail. Enjoy your visit to Cross Link Conversions home on the web!


Cross Link Conversions developed a boiler system that integrates into your common multi-fuel (pellet/corn/coal) burning stoves. The system harnesses energy from a wasted heat source distributing that heat throughout your entire house via existing boiler lines, in floor systems, heat exchangers, and other heat sources that are fed with standard boiler systems decreasing the cost of traditional energy







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